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Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
NS rates the Cobra and the SL the same for flex, but I believe the general consensus is that the Cobra rides a little stiffer. So that might work. Aldo if you are still working on your powder riding the Cobra will be a bit easier on that front - and the limitations on switch riding don't seem to be an issue for you.

I has been a while since I have been on the Goliath but I don't think it was much/any softer than the Cobra. If anything, I think it charges a bit better - but is not as easy in deep pow...

TRS is a really good all-around board and the flex is Goldilocks for most people - not too much, not too little, just right (and again not much difference to the Cobra - and it gets stiffer as you go up the size range). Compared to the Cobra it is not quite as good in pow (but still better than the cambered Bataleon) but slightly more free-stylish on groomers as a true twin.

In summary:
- For pow: Cobra
- For speed/charging: Goliath
- For playfulness: TRS

But they are all really good boards and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

EDIT: Sorry for the comment about your weight. It as not meant as a dig/burn - rather I was getting at the fact that the bigger boards (for heavier riders) tend to be wider, so getting the weight down will help you find something narrower.

It's all good bro, I need to lose this pudge I put on in the past few months haha. I'm pretty off the cuff myself usually, so I don't take much personal. The width thing is why I'm going to cut weight for one, and two trying to keep it under a 160. With the TRS the width is shown as the same on the 155, 157, and 159, so that's why I figured well might as well snatch the 159 if the width is the same there. The Cobra and SL would be the same width as the TRS at 158 in those boards at 253mm. The Goliath is 254, but honestly 1mm is a hair's difference.

I really do like the fact for the groomers that the goliath is a cambered board for the most part with tbt. The part I'm worried about is the so called "delay" I've read about with edge transition with my already small foot. In the pow I'm not too worried about it, with the rockered corners on tbt it shouldn't be as bad as the rental planks I used to plow with.

The TRS is sounding better and better though, hmm.
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