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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
well man, you live in LA and you ride 6-10 days a year.... you should just ride the board you have now - a very good one - a lot more... if you only get 10 days a year in the SL will be fine for 8-10 years.

switching to a different board is not going to make you any better. riding more will. save the $ you would spend on the board and use it for plane/lift tix.

so, not to take the wind outta yer sails, but don't buy another board. ride the one you got.
^^^What shred said^^^

What year is your SL? If it's 08/09 or newer, the only updates I'm aware of are graphics. All the boards you've mentioned are very similar. I've ridden my Legacy for 5 years averaging about 13 days a year. I don't think it's even broken in! I bought a proto just b/c I shouldn't have bought a wide(legacy) and wanted a sym twin(proto). If I had the SL, I wouldn't have even thought about replacing it. I'm 250 and have been riding a 163. I'm still 250 and got a 160 proto. I'll still bring the legacy as it floats me fine in deep pow. I wouldn't mind a high 60's straight pow board, though.
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