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Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
Falling leaf has a place, not in a lesson, but its not always a bad thing. I started doing falling leaf toeside and heelside.

By lunch on day 1 I was linking turns on green runs without hardly falling. Day 2 I was negotiating blues and some ungroomed blue pistes with 2 feet of powder.

Certainly doing falling leaf for too long is counter productive, but I think it helped me to grasp the feel and balance of being on either edge before linking turns.
I would agree on this, falling leaf does a great deal to help your motivation, but not if you are unwilling to commit to the turn.

Part of what I found out about in teaching myself to snowboard, is that falling leaf will get you started, but in essence it teaches you to use your back foot more than you should.

Through reading much on this site over the last couple years lurking and eventually posting is that turns are truly done stably and correctly with proper balance from the front foot.

I still have stubborn friends that I started with that doubt it and when stuck in bad situations or steeper terrain than they are used to, they still go back to falling leaf, all in all it's really about the subtle movement of the front foot, and even balance upon the board.

Listen to Snowmotion, seems like he will guide you the right way.

Edit, holy crap, thought this thread was new, but now I see several pages of responses. Snowwolf and Snowmotion don't seem like they would steer you wrong in either case though.

Part of it is about confidence ( picturing yourself doing the act you desire to,) and part of it is your own mechanics and realizing which one is holding you back.

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