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Originally Posted by AIRider View Post
That's an awesome deal man, thank you. I love cypress, lots of cool nooks to find if you know where to look. How long is this deal going to last?

I have crazy commitments this winter, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to go at all, even though I'm craving it big time!
I think till the end of September, I'll find out for sure though.

What's wicked about having a pass is being able to go up there for even an hour or two.
I gone for an hour first thing in the morning, got in some sweet lines, left & been super happy with that.
If you had to pay fuckin' 80$ bucks for that hour you'd be choked.

If you don't have a pass, it's super hard to find the time because that time costs so fuckin' much. I wouldn't go up for 2 hours knowing how much it's going to cost me, but when you got a pass 2 hours is a tonne of time.

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