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Originally Posted by Shreddie View Post
okay so im pretty sure i wanna get a bsod. however im unsure which length to get. im 5'11 / 6'0, 180lbs.
im coming from a big freeride background and used to riding boards around 163cm mark.
however im looking to start getting into doing a bit more freestyle stuff and so i want less of a plank under my feet!

my choice is between the 156 and the 159. initially i was leaning toward the 159 as its closer to what im used to but after speaking to a few guys in my local store they are saying i could go as low as a 155. if i went for the 156 what would be the main disadvantages and advantages. and likewise for the 159

cheers for the help guys
What size feet do you have and where do you live?
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