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Default Local Whistler Rental agencies?

Just found out the condo we normally rent is booked for the time we wanted next spring. So I'm kind of at loose ends. Anyone know of a reputable rental agency in the town that could steer me to a privately owned condo/townhouse for short (6 day) rental? Or failing that, who I'd contact as a starting point? Chamber of Commerce? Local Real-estate office?

My problem is that I kind of fell into the regular place by accident, so I've never actually done any legwork on this issue. I don't want to deal with the regular hotels because you start with $100 per night, then oh yeah that's per person, plus towel rental, parking, room tax, nuisance tax, tax on tax, taxeddy tax, and suddenly it's five bajillion dollars. (But I'm not bitter )

Anyway, any help?

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