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Originally Posted by sheepstealer View Post
I know there's been a few threads on this already, but I have a question specific to the 390 bosses. I found a great deal on last year's bindings ($130 down from $230. Woo!)

I know the general idea is to line up the highbacks with the edge of the board. I was doing this, but I did not follow the instructions to a T (Rome includes a fold-out pamphlet that shows all the ways you can adjust the 290 bosses. The options are ridiculous by the way - I love customization, really like the adjustment options the bosses offer).

I only adjusted the left side of the two binding highbacks (if you're looking down at the bindings, the toe edge on the far side of you), I did not touch the right sides. The bindings came set to the "default" setting, the highbacks were both in the "middle" slot. Again, I only moved the left highback adjustment.

Now it looks like the highbacks are out of line with the heel band, the plastic wrap that the forward lean-adjustment rests on. This might be a stupid question, but is this normal? To me it looks as thought the bindings are straining themselves.

1. Should I have adjusted the right sides of the binding according to the instructions? The pamphlet details options of rotating, 4 degrees, 8 degrees, and 12 degrees (...I think, going off memory here).

2. Does it not matter with the 390 bosses? Meaning, can I tweak the bindings how I like and not have to worry about following the instructions EXACTLY.

I suppose what I'm asking is advice from any of you (and I know there are many of you out there with rome 390 bosses) for adjusting highback rotation.

My stance angles are 15 front, negative 12 back.

At work now, otherwise I'd post pictures...(which I can do later tonight...)
Whenever you make an adjustment on one side you are supposed to make a corresponding adjustment on the other side. Not saying it will not work otherwise but the highback will not align perfectly with the heel loop (as you have already discovered). Frankly, given the range of adjustments available I never saw a reason not to follow the instruction...

Note that there are two adjustment aspects for the highback rotation on the 390 Bosses:
  1. The mounting holes in the heel loop, and
  2. The mounting holes on the highback piece.
The choice of heel loop mounting hole is the 'coarse' adjustment (8) and the choice of highback mounting hole is the 'fine' adjustment (4).
Check the manual, but I will to try present it in table format:

Rotation	Heel loop		Highback
0		Middle/Middle		back (inside)/front (outside)
4		Middle/Middle		front (inside)/back (outside)
8		Back/Front		back (inside)/front (outside)
12		Back/Front		front (inside)/back (outside)

Now, whether one should have highback rotation at all (especially with assymetric highbacks) is a completely different question...

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