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That's kinda what I figured. Thanks for the ideas.

I looked at the Ruroc.. It's a very cool design. The main turn off is that it won't work for biking and is too expensive for me to justify purely for snow right now. Making a helmet warmer isn't too hard, but keeping cool in triple-digit temperatures is. Unfortunately my snow exposure amounts to a week or two per year if I'm lucky.

[edit] Didn't notice the other couple of replies.

The specific helmet I was looking at is a T.H.E. T2 Carbon. It is rated for both mountain biking and snowboarding/skiing, and yes it is designed with goggles in mind. That's a good point about hits to the face being rare. Still, there's a fair bit of confidence in having the extra protection.

It wouldn't be a question at all if I were racing (go for the safety). It's interesting to see the different ideas, especially coming from an aggressive mountain biking background.

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