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WAAAHT!! PARTIES! CONCERTS! HOOKERS N BLOW!! AND FUCKIN RIOTS!! WOOOT I'm there!! Maybe I can talk the girlie into gettin all geeked an having a 3 way with some mountain skank!! That would be the best vaca eva!! Maybe I'll even see a flying tomato I'm sure we will check it out, prolly get shit faced, jump on the wrong bus and end up in Frisco

I am glad the rest of the county will be deserted, I've been at the Basin on a couple deserted days. One there was a tanker wreck that closed the road up at about 10AM by noon seemed like there was only about 20 people there...and they were having a keg n grillin burgers in the parking lot, one of my best days ever. Got smashed and had the whole mountain to myself pretty much, hit the flow that day, some of the best riding I've ever done.

Thanks for the insight BA, I would say if I see ya I'd buy ya a beer...but I hardly know what you look like....however if you see me, I'll have the big flatlandjoey neon sign on my forehead, hook me up with a sticker or some shit...wait...not some shit literally

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