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EP is only about 30 min more of a drive, and well worth the extra drive if you ask me. If you aren't super picky about where you are living there is a pretty dumpy apartment/motel type place that rents rooms. I can't remember what they were charging a month for them but they were right there in Beaver so the commute is pretty short. I met the owner at the bar in the lodge at EP and he let me crash in one of the empty rooms for free... It was only a moderate improvement to my car and I was checking myself for bed bugs the next morning... at least I didnt have to go pee outside in the cold and I got a quick shower lol. The only down side to EP is they only operate 4 days out of the week. I think this season its going to be Thursday-Sunday.

If you got a pass to BH and the stars aligned just right that I had a day off the same time as you I would be down to carpool and even drive if you are providing room and board lol. I won't know what my work schedule looks like for sure until like December when I get back to America (in Afghanistan at the moment). I generally work 5 days on 3 off though when I am stateside. I already have passes to both EP and BH, with my military discount its only $150 more than if I had got a pass at the military rate for Lee.
When the season starts hit me up on here if you wanna try working something out.
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