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Thanks ETM. I get your idea. I wonder if I should get a protractor to read the lean angles rather than just saying "somewhere in between". Or perhaps the whole issue is just a feel thing hence nobody needs to quote precise angles.

Thanks timmytard. I have remembered the default setting before I dial the lever either way and see what it does to the lean angle. There is a gross difference of the lean at both extremes, that is, most forward and least forward lean. I think I understand how the lever works and what is more forward lean, or less forward lean. timmytard I understand your concerns for me and I think I am ok with those.

Your further elaboration is a very good reiteration to what I have been reading up on forward lean the last few days in the forum.

My question is,

1.) When someone says their lean angles are say, precisely 8 degrees, did they get the reading from some sophisticated markings which could be present on their bindings and not on mine?

2.) Since I never paid attention to lean angles in my last season, hence I declare I have never fiddled with them. But obviously next season round, most probably I will, but in small steps. And obviously, as I stated above, at the extremes of either most forward lean and least forward lean, even simple eyeballing could tell the gross difference. But what about, the in-betweens, does a single full rotation of the lever, going either direction from the default setting (when I got them from the shop), is going to make a very noticeable difference to the feel, board aggressiveness during carving, heelside edge hold and whatnot? Has anybody played around with just a single rotation of the lever and noticed any significant difference? Just my curiosity.

Thanks everybody.

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