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Originally Posted by ig88 View Post
Thank you snowklinger for kindly pointing out what I misunderstood about rotating the highbacks. Lovely ...... I am going to learn some new stuff today with the help of some nice diagrams too.

Now I have a problem. I cannot spot any difference in the two boards as well as the orientation of the bindings in the diagram, even though the red construction lines are angled differently. My bad eyes cannot tell what the diagram is trying to depict. The 2 boards look pretty much the same to me. snowklinger could you kindly give me a little more description? Cheers snowklinger.
The diagram should have pics that are more exaggerated, so that you can see the difference.

Some people don't really need to rotate them, it depends on how much of an angle the bindings are set @. I usually only do my front foot because it's @ a sharper angle than my back foot. They rotate in both directions because some people still ride with their bindings like this. ( / / ) mine are close to this ( l / ) that's why I only need to do my front foot. If you ride with a severe duck stance like so ( \ / ) then it would be wise to adjust both of them.

I purposely asked if you had rotated them, & gave very little info about what I was talking about just to see if you could figure it out on your own.
I think it helps you understand your bindings better if you fiddle with them yourself & learn how they work.

I just didn't think all these Donney Do-gooders were gonna jump in & explain it for me. Thanks Donney Do-gooders

I have a few pairs of Burton bindings, 3 are the old style forward lean adjusters & 1 pair is the new type like yours.
The old style of Burton forward lean adjustment seems to brake very easily, I have 3 pair, so 6 bindings. All 6 adjusters are broken.

I am able to adjust the forward lean, but I have to use the rotating adjustment to do it. It works on the new style(yours) as well.

When you have the rotating adjustment loosened so that it moves freely & you have it where you think you want it. If you slide both of them a couple notches forward(not rotationally) towards the toe side of your board it will decrease your forward lean & sliding them back a couple notches will increase it.

I'm not sure it was designed to be able to do that or not, but it does work.


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