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Aight, thanks for the input guys... So unless the doc will say it'll be OK to go, no snowboarding for me that is...
Originally Posted by killclimbz View Post
You might want to put stuff off until mid to late March if you can. It's the best month for big trips anyway.
Well, I'm 17, in the last year of high school and obviously still live with my parrents. With my parrents we always go in december, but they are not going to book unless they know for sure that I'll be allowed to go, wich basically means I can scrap that trip I think. In february I'm going with school and I HAVE to go(I'm organizing that trip, it's my final assignment...) but I guess by then it'll be fine. Can't go in march, since I don't have any holidays then until late april/early may, wich is slightly too late...

I know it's better, but it sucks so much... I'm addicted.
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