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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
maybe they can use that money on some new gear for you to use in Feb! You're young! You should be healed by Feb
Heh, that's not a bad idea at all since I BADLY need a wideboard(I'm nearly 2m and have pretty huge feet. Toedrag all the way!). But I think they said a while ago that if we didn't go to Austria, we'd go somewhere far away in the summer(thought they wanted to go to Africa or smth) but I didn't want to sacrifice my snowboardtrip.

Well I'll just see. I'll talk to the physiotherapist aswell and who knows what happens, but I'm not counting on it...


Oh by the way, you're all talking about a cast, but has anyone tried boarding with a brace? I think that IF I would go, that would be a bit easier. I'm not quite sure too if I can just go to the doctor to tell him I want a cast... I live in the Netherlands, and we have all this awesome health care and stuff, but that also means they are not just going to burn money by giving anyone who wants a cast a cast I assume...

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