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Default My ebay/paypal rant...

Fuckin assholes!! I only buy 1 maybe 2 things a year off ebay, usually if I need to replace or upgrade snow/wake gear. I bought a new pair of boots last week, and the payment system has changed since last year. Even though my paypal is tied directly to my savings account, it takes 5 fucking days for the payment to clear. They hardly notify the seller, just a thing on his ebay saying payment pending...WTF!! It doesn't say payment taken out of my account and held for 5 fuckin days....this just pisses me off

Apparently if I don't ALSO tie a credit card or debit card to the account this is how they do it now. I end up having to apologize to the seller, praying he won't cancel the transaction, and leave me negative feedback...I paid for this shit hours after the auction ended, the $$ was taken out of my account a few hours after that, but due to the way they do shit it makes me look like a dead beat

Now since I am one of those weird people that doesn't have a credit card or debit card I have to either deal with this bullshit delay, or go spend 5 bucks on a green dot card to load $$ into my paypal account. I called ebay, and from what I got from Raji Mahodji " that's just the way it is" Fucking pole smokers!!

Here is a copy of my apology to the seller which I should not have to write, the least these assholes could do is verify to the seller that the payment has been made, and is being held by THEM...not ME!!


I have called ebay/paypal and from what I could get from them was that there should be a payment pending notification on your ebay account. They claim the payment will be released by tomorrow. I apologize for not knowing that it would take this long for them to process this payment, I think it is total BS!! Had I known this, I would have went and got a green dot card and loaded the cash into my paypal account. If the payment doesn't clear tomorrow that's exactly what I'll do, and do for future purchases.

I hope this in no way reflects badly on me, if you look at the screenshot I sent, you will see that I did pay this on Fri. 9-14-12 While I only buy 1 or 2 things a year off ebay I still value my feedback score, all auctions that I have won I paid for usually with in minutes of it ending. The only reason it even took me hours to pay this one was because I won it at midnight, and didn't have a chance to check it in the morning. I came home over my lunch to take care of it, I get back after working out of town all weekend to find this echeck/delayed payment crap. I could have sent you a money order in the mail and it would have got there faster lol.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. If the payment isn't released by tomorrow the 19th I will go buy a cash card and load it into my paypal to make sure you get your money. Thank you for your patients in this matter.
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