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Originally Posted by Wiredsport View Post
We even suggest a little snugger fit than that. From our fit tips:

Your boots should be snug!

The most common complaint about boots is that they are too loose, not too tight. The junction between rider and board begins with the boot, as it is in the most direct contact with the rider. When fitting boots, use the following method: A. Slip into the boot. B. Kick your heel back against the ground several times to drive it back into the boot's heel pocket. C. Lace the boot tightly, as though you were going to ride. NOTE: This is where most sizing mistakes are made. A snowboard boot is shaped like an upside down "7". The back has a good degree of forward lean. Thus, when you drop into the boot, your heel may be resting up to an inch away from the back of the boot, and your toes may be jammed into the front of the boot. Until the boot is tightly laced, you will not know if it is a proper fit. D. Your toes should now have firm pressure against the front of the boot. As this is the crux of sizing, let's discuss firm pressure: When you flex your knee forward hard, the pressure should lighten, or cease, as your toes pull back. At no time should you feel numbness or lose circulation. Your toes will be in contact with the end of the boot, unlike in a properly fit street or athletic shoe (snowboard boots are designed to fit more snugly than your other shoes). When you have achieved this combination of firm pressure and no circulation loss, you have found the correct size!
Awesome advice! I wish I had known that when I started in the sport in the early 90's. I think I was riding in Sorel snow boots for the first couple years! Then rode in size 10 Vans Shaun Palmers for a few years, got into size 9 Burton Serow's, finally I tried on a TON of boots and I'm in a size 7.5 now. Amazing that I was wearing boots that were 2 sizes too big for years!

Originally Posted by cypher_chik View Post
Really great tips, thanks for sharing them with me

If I have enough time, I would love to check it out, haven't even heard of it. I'm taking the virtual tour, and it looks awesome. Once I get comfortable on my board again and get over my fear of possibly falling on my ass again (buying azzpad so my already broken tailbone wont get more broken), I would love to try a real mountain instead of the baby hill here we call Blue lol
Yup I hurt my tailbone on the 1/4 pipe at Blue Mountain back in the day. Not fun! Blue is really good training for the big hill though. Really fast lifts and you can do tons of laps to get your technique down pat. Don't be scared of a bigger hill though, most/all big hills have a wide variety of runs so you can work your way up in comfort.

Jay Peak just happens to be my first big hill (I was actually 8 or so when I was still on skis!), and I brought my GF there for her first big hill. She loved it and still says that she loves it after riding all over the rocky mountains!

Happy boarding this year!
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