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female helll yea

Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Yup I hurt my tailbone on the 1/4 pipe at Blue Mountain back in the day. Not fun! Blue is really good training for the big hill though. Really fast lifts and you can do tons of laps to get your technique down pat. Don't be scared of a bigger hill though, most/all big hills have a wide variety of runs so you can work your way up in comfort.

Jay Peak just happens to be my first big hill (I was actually 8 or so when I was still on skis!), and I brought my GF there for her first big hill. She loved it and still says that she loves it after riding all over the rocky mountains!

Happy boarding this year!
Ouch, I feel you. I'm only scared because the pain was so horrible... lol. I would be driving to that moutain, would love to check it out if even for just a weekend (sooo many things to do there!), and hopefully my car will make it hehe. I hope I have enough banked time since my vacation days will be eaten up by this sloppy weather we seem to be having...

Originally Posted by Karasene View Post
I got my first season pass when I was 23. Now that you've got a set up I really hope you go out and buy season pass! There is no other way to progress without going regularly and is by far the best value if you go at least 10 times it'll save you $$

I think I got 40-50 days my first season riding and I became obsessed! I was hitting jumps my first season by spring time.. all though not properly at the time. Lol. If you really get stoked about riding I could say realistically you can be doing basic tricks by the end of this winter if you really wanted to.

Last season I got somewhere around 130 days of riding. haha now I'm 26 and I just wanted to say cheers and I'm glad to see another rider come out of hibernation. It's never too late to learn something new and be good at it. I'm killing it after 3 seasons and I hope you can discover a new passion like I did Hope you like your new set up!
Jay Peak is a killer mountain. However you may want to wait a season before tree riding.. Good Luck!
Will def be waiting a season for tree riding I also started boarding when I was 23, I got about 15 days in. The season after that I had in 10 days before I broke the tailbone. Since it took almost a whole year to heal I did not go last season... not that it matters since we barely had any snow around here. I will be buying a seasons pass at horseshoe valley since it's the closest and most familiar to me. Snow valley sucks and I will be going to Blue here and there with friends who come up from the city. I'm hoping that with my new setup, I'll become comfortable again in no time.

You guys have been soooooo helpful Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my posts...

Just playing the waiting game for my new camp seven. Now to add to my now broken and in need of tender love and care 5150 and Lamar board with burton citizen bindings and very old citizen boots
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