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You don't mention your experience level but I can tell you what worked for me.

For me there were a couple of key things.

1) try to limit your speed checks as you approach the kicker. It's easier said then done. You want to carry speed into a jump to catch air. How much speed you carry depends on your confidence. I tried to pick one kicker and own it. It was a bump really but I hit it 10 times in one day, each time doing my best to hit it with more speed then the time before.

2) be stable.

If you ride up the kicker correcting, adjusting and moving around youll have a bad approach, a bad take off and the landing will rely on luck . Don't rely on luck. As you approach the kicker get lower to the board, into a comfy stance and let your momentum do the work. Even if you're going kinda sorta slow, if don't absorb the kicker using your legs you can catch some air.

3) be stable in the air

Remember what I said about a stable approach? It was my key to a stable air. Your body should be quiet. Casual. Relaxed.

When I'm in the air I'm in the same crouch I was in when I approached the kicker.

3) land easy

Even if you land on the knuckle, try to land on your back foot first. Meaning as I come down I extend my back leg down so that the back of m board will touch down first. Like an airplane lands on its back wheels and then the nose comes down... Same thing w a board. It hurts to land both feet at the same time.

I taught myself how to keep my body quiet in the air by jumping natural terrain. When it's flat and then suddenly steep again. Id carry some speed into the flat and just hop up. I wouldn't get very high but I'm moving forward fast enough that the ground kinda drops away. You have to land it back foot first anyway.

I know i didn't answer your question about popping... I'm still figuring that out myself. I'd suggest learning to be stable in the air before trying to work in how to max it out.

Hope this helps! Hopefully someone will correct me and -I'll- learn something too!
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