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Originally Posted by Frozen View Post
Jesus loooool.

To the op you cant really control yourself in the air. Most of what you do when jumping happens on the jump face. I like to pop off both feet cause I think it's pretty easy and when I ollie off a jump shit seems to go all haywire. As far as approach goes I will speed check a few times just because. Speed is probably the trickiest part of hitting bigger jumps but in my opinion coming in hotter is way better than coming in slow. You're first and second time you might die crashing but when you finally land it its so awesome. And when you get better you land it your first time fairly often.
I agree with Frozen, I'm way more comfortable with a two-foot pop rather than an (attempted) ollie. Approach speed is the factor I'm having the most trouble with, because I have a deathly fear of overshooting, so I tend to over-brake. This year I'm going to do this to get used to the proper speed:

1) Pick a specific jump.
2) Pick a point on the approach slope just above even with the top of the jump.
3) Start from that point, from a dead stop. Don't speed check.
4) Probably knuckle it.
5) Start from a few feet farther up.

Repeat 4 and 5 until I find a good starting point. Then do that a number of times until I get used to the speed. I really can't see any dependable way to do it otherwise. Trial and error just doesn't work for me because of my overshooting phobia.

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