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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
And this why the gun issue should remain totally up to each state. Most New Yorkers can't be trusted with loaded weapons because most are just naturally assholes and would bully people with them. Since you don't live out west and know nothing about our culture, you have no credibility or authority to speak for us with regard to this issue.

I can tell you for a fact based on past experience growing up in western Montana and having lived 47 years in Arizona, Idaho, Montana. Alaska and Washington that guns are just no big hairy deal out west and people open carry out here without this eastern attitude and we have almost no trouble at all as a direct result.

As I told you before in another thread, in my high school, gun safety and shooting was an elective class. We brought our rifles (have to be 18 to posses a handgun by federal law) to school and secure them unloaded in our lockers during hunting season.

Now to you i am sure this sounds insane but for us it was just normal life in a small rural Montana town. Like any high school, we had the after school fights in the parking lot and damn near every pickup had loaded guns in the rack. No one even remotely thought about using a gun to bully someone. It was simply not a part of our culture to even think this way.

Now sure, given that that was 30 years ago before people started putting their kids on psychotropic drugs rather than parent and society everywhere has devolved in varying degrees, things are no longer THAT liberal. Still, even in metropolitan Phoenix; America's 5th largest city, guns carried openly is commonplace. You can walk into the Wal-Mart at 75th and Thomas and see at least a dozen or more people shopping with a pistol strapped to their hip. No one freaks out and no one waves their piece around bullying.

Not saying you are wrong where you live but gun laws that might make sense in New York are absurd for Washington, Oregon, Alaska or Arizona. This is a true state's rights issue and people in the east are ignorant of western culture and should mind their own business.
New York City and the actual State of New York are like East Coast and west coast. It is two different worlds. The rest of New York state is 100% hillblilly redneck country. In high school when opening day came they would actually schedule study hall days because everyone would skip. We have a tractor day at my old high school. Everyone drives their tractors to school and parks them in the parking lot instead of their trucks. In the parking lot there is about a total of four or so cars. The rest are diesel trucks. Believe me you would fit right in here.

That said. Being able to walk around a city with Assault Rifles is not a good idea. There are assholes every where and every time period. I am not saying you shouldn't be able to carry these weapons in public period, I'm just saying in City limits it shouldn't be allowed. And I am saying Assault weapons, not pistols.

Im all for having fun, showing your tits and getting fucked up on a river float but it can be done without being a pig.
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