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So I have been trying to save money every way I can, I am only working 3 nights a week and studying 4 nights a week. One big expense I have is gas, so I have found many ways of saving gas, but mostly they involve driving like a 80 year old drives. Yes I have been getting a lot of horns, flashing headlight and fingers, but FUCK THEM ALL, over all I am getting great gas out of this tank.

Usually I hit half a talk with 220 miles, yesterday I hit half a tank with 260 miles. A full tank usually lasts me a week, the way this one is going, it's going to last me either 10 or 11 days. Over all I am very happy with the results.

Florida drivers are always in a rush to get nowhere, bunch of idiots is what they are. Of course if I had more money I would be part of them .

Ohh I really don't feel like getting another job, so I will find ways to save money through the summer.

Another bonus is that my car is probably really happy about me treating him nice for once .
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