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I know how you feel man. I've tried a number of different solutions.

Contacts - Couldn't really get them in, not my thing.

OTG googles from Smith - Decent, but my glasses fogged up pretty bad.

I even considered getting LASIK surgery for this purpose alone but decided against it in the end.

My solution at this point is a pair of Electric EG2 goggles. So far they have worked out pretty well. Not very much fogging and they seem to fit over my glasses much better than other goggles I have tried.

I have looked into these prescription goggle companies in the past and they might work pretty well. Just haven't bit the bullet to try it out yet. If you get them, I would love to hear how they work out.

Edit: I looked at this site a while back and almost bought some. Wanted to try some cheaper options first.
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