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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Apparently, you missed the details on this so called "HHS mandate". It "forces" religious health organizations to provide contraceptive care to women ONLY if they wish to be a part if the health insurance exchange. When discussing UNIVERSAL health care for ALL. Americans, you simply have to set a standard of care and not everyone in this country subscribes to religious superstition. If these religious institutions (namely Catholic churches) have a moral issue with this then get out of the for profit health care business. Problem is they want the big money to be gained.

You do a lot of hand wringing over this "infringement on religious freedom" but don't seem to have a problem with these fucking asshole bible bangers infringing on the rights of those of us who don't buy into their Peter Rabbit fairytale view of the world.

Obama isn't "forcing" anyone to act immoral at all. These filthy churches are money grubbing greedy scumbags wanting to be a part of this private health insurance exchange (Catholic hospitals) but want to deny coverage and care to those who may not believe in their mythology. If they are so adamant about their "morals" they can stand their ground and opt out.

I am personally sick of having to tip toe around and walk on egg shells to be so sensitive and tolerant of religious beliefs while these fucking bible banging shit heads try to infest our secular government and ram their poisonous crap down all of our throats. Go ahead and support an unethical douchebag who will screw the entire middle class into ground with the same failed economic policies that crashed the country under Bush. I wonder how your religious sensitivities will like having Mormonism shoved down your throat. You know the LDS church is a major lobbying power and were hugely responsible for the defeat of Prop 8 in California. With a Morbot in the White House, who knows how much influence the LDS will have over policy.

God, Guns, Gays and Abortion is what elections have become about every cycle. Americans as a whole are too stupid to handle democratic self governance!

Here is exactly what the HHS Exemption says:

Having provided this exemption for qualifying religious institutions is not good enough for these churches who want to cram their shit down everyone`s throats. Just like abortion, they are not satisfied simply not choosing to have abortions, they want to tell everyone else in the country (and lets face it the entire fucking world) what to do.
You sir, have just made my night. I love this. Finally someone who doesn't hold back, i as well am tired of always having to be careful of what i say. I am a catholic (mostly just because it was how i was raised and told how to be, not so much of a catholic anymore really) and i agree 100% with what you say. Seriously, your post is genius in my mind...Bravo.

One of the biggest things that bothers me about Romney, besides the fact that he is a sleezy scumbag, is that he brings religion into his politics, almost all of his speeches i have heard religious remarks. What ever happened to separation of the church and state? I can kind of understand why someone would want to vote against Obama, however, i see no justifiable reasons to vote for Romney. Hell, vote for one of the independents, Romney will severely harm this country if he is elected, which i feel he won't be though. But who knows, he has corrupted a large number of American minds.
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