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Originally Posted by ThunderChunky View Post
If you really want me to list every single weapon I own, I can. It is not really relevant to my authority to talk on this topic though. Which is why I don't feel like listing the exact specifics of each gun. Nor does it mean that I don't own any guns if I don't list the serial numbers of each gun I own. Some of the guns I own come and go quickly which is why I don't memorize the serial number on each. Quite a few have gone to my brother and to my father. I have also sold a few because I don't have enough room in my gun case to hold them.
I'm not asking you to list every firearm you own. I'm making a point that every gun owner I've met knows the specifics of every firearm they own, even people I've met that have firearms collections numbering three digits.

That is why saying you have "about" x many guns sounds bogus.

Practicality is a very important part of lethality, but no when there is an accident. When a firearm accident happens the only thing that matters is the damage that bullet is gonna do. And for something that is going to create a lot of damage and have no benefits as to why the risk of the accident should happen is a good reason to at least consider it's restrictions.
Who cares about accidents? We're talking about criminal use and alleged brandishing supposedly being borne out by open carry laws. This is observably not the case. You haven't come up with one good reason for prohibiting open carry of rifles (which again, people don't do anyhow) and you're trying to tangentially relate that to negligent discharges doing more damage with rifle cartridges.

There is not some sort of parallel reality where people would carry rifles and ADs would constantly happen in public. ADs already do happen with handguns and ADs with rifles aren't any less desirable because handguns cartridges are less lethal.

You obviously think people shouldn't be allowed carry rifles in public on the sheer principle of the matter. Fine, say so and be done with it. But don't try to invent tenuous logic trying to prove there is some sort of material reason for it. This entire rifle accidental discharges are so much worse than handgun is inane.
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