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Originally Posted by lonerider View Post
You don't ride park do you? (i.e. you have never slipped off you edge off a kinked rail and slammed your tailbone/spine on a cold steel).

Having protection is not just about avoiding catastrophic injury, it really reduces the pounding your body takes and keeps you from feeling like a piece of pounded beef the next day. We didn't care about it when we were younger, but now that we have day jobs, it beats popping advil like tictacs.
That's why I don't do rails any more and I do pre-pop ibuprofen like tictacs as a general tonic before putting my boots on. But I don't do park except for a mini jump line and a couple flat boxes....and we really don't have a park. Lone ur right...but in my mind and the little exposure with local dh'rs it is a different animal with different protective gear.

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