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Default rehab broken collarbone

I broke my collarbone last season...I wasn't even doing anything remotely "cool." I caught an edge and mousetrapped onto my left shoulder. Probably one of the more painful injuries I've ever received.

I had surgery on it a week or two later (this is back in early March). After about a month a half of being in a sling, I was finally able to use my left arm "regularly" and slowly worked it back up to semi-normal strength. I was able to to do my normal push-up routine by the beginning of June (guesstimating here).

I never went with any professional rehab...was this a bad move? I'm in my mid-twenties, fairly active and just kind of figured I would work back up to my normal strength eventually.

I usually join a gym in the winter months and I'm about to start REALLY lifting again in the next week or two. Should I be careful of anything or do you think I'm good to go?

Also wanted to ask to see if anyone had any good arm exercises for regaining lost muscle from a collar bone fracture.

I understand that a doctor's opinion is probably the best but thought I'd ask on here in case other riders had some advice.

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