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Thanks for the welcome / yeah rugby players / Responses

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the welcome; it is awesome to talk snowboarding with people as addicted to it as me. Sorry if my formatting for forums is a bit off, this is new to me (I try to spend as much time on snow so I don’t have free time to get in trouble). If you have recommendations for how I can clean things up please message me and I will be happy to fix it.

Awesome to see rugby players around. I actually got benched in a match for hitting a guy too hard (running with the ball, and head down around me - bad idea).

dreampow: I have never had the chance to ride in Japan. But from what I‘ve seen you get lots of very light fluffy pow (color me jealous!)? The Summit would be right at home in those conditions. I think it is a great option and a bulletproof durable pow ride.

Biocmp: I really like the DMCC’s on my Proto. With my size and riding style I like a really responsive binding with a stiff highback. Add how light the DMCC’s (compared to other bindings I’ve ridden) with the Proto are and it feels like I have a feather attached to my feet. Especially after a day on my GS board which weights in over 26lbs (12 kg) – board, riser plate, and binding. If you are lighter, and/or want to spend more time on boxes/rails you may find a softer Flux binding more forgiving. But if you are looking for a binding that will do it all, and give you great feedback through your feet the DMCC’s are an amazing choice.

One thing I will add I am super stoked that NS is putting out a shorter Raptor. This will allow a lot of my smaller, younger riders to get and a great board for SBX. In the past I have put them on the Lotus/Premier/ or Heritage as they did not have the mass for a 159. Being my nutty self I might even go further. There might be some tiny people out there who love to go fast that might even like a 150 Raptor (I have a few on my team). But I am not sure how that would fit in with the NS line. Would it be a pain to manufacture, or crossover into target riders for a different model?

Full disclosure: a large number of my team riders are riding NS boards now. We made a team order and were given a discount. Not sure if this makes me biased. What does though is that I tried NS boards, demo’ed others, rode them for 2 seasons before I recommended them to my team. I rode the Titan, and then held out to try the Raptor before I recommended the boards to my team. The riders who are on NS boards are all smiles. Then next step board wise for these riders would be custom SBX specific boards (Oxess, Kessler, Donek, Coiler, Prior) costing $1000 - $2700 Cdn. These custom boards are good for only SBX course, and nothing else. Plus, spending that much money for a rider still growing isn’t realistic for most parents. NS boards allow my riders to get a board that can Freeride like a champ. Then when they need it to drop in to an SBX, Slalom, or GS race and take Podiums they are still good to go.

First Pic: Team Rider Sarah – riding the NS PremierF1 157 – In Women’s 11-13 year old SBX
She won every heat last year until she got to nationals where she took the bronze. This pic is from Ontario Provincial Champs

Next: Team Riders Lucas: riding the NS RaptorX 169, and Michael riding the Lotus 146 (shortest directional Freeride board I could find – he was 11 and 75 lbs) – In Men’s 11-13 year old SBX. This pic is from Ontario Provincial Champs

Can you see why I got Michael the 146 Lotus? He is too tiny for anything else and he was able to rail on this board.

Team Rider Eric Riding the NS RaptorX 165. He can euro carve on this board. He did not crash right after this shot was taken; he can consistently ride his Raptor this way every time.

For those looking for more pics I have loaded them into a public album (I hope). I have to get myself in gear and convert/render more video and get it on YouTube. The first video is a 14 year old rider on my team riding the Raptor 159 through our training SBX course.
2011 01 16 BV Training BX Kevin - YouTube

The next one is him riding on a legit Black Diamond carving like mad (he was 13 at the time).
201012.22 - Beaver Valley Snbrd Race Team - Kevin on Avalanche - YouTube

Hope this helps, Cam

Why can't it be -5 or colder and snowing every night of the year. With Blue Bird days.
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