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Originally Posted by tylerkat89 View Post
That's actually not true. Everything we "know" about the "known" Universe are based on a set of assumptions. Regardless people fighting over Religion and Science is ignorance to me. pure ignorance. Not calling anyone ignorant here, just staying my honest point of view.
That's actually not true. Everything we "know" about the "known" universe is a set of provisional statements based on forming hypotheses and testing them (how depends on the specific hypothesis). To the extent that an hypothesis has been tested, it is considered a working assumption and other hypotheses may be built on that. If something doesn't work i.e. doesn't fit observations or experiments, it's modified or tossed out.

This right now isn't an argument about science vs religion (except to the extent that you might be a theist trying to reduce science to the level of religion) it's about what science is actually about vs what people who don't understand the subject think it's about.

And BTW, what's with that "spirit science" video? What point were you trying to make there? Do you think that's actual science, just becuase they stuck the word in the title? I'm honestly perplexed by that one.

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