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Dude, you had an epic thread last year where you got good advice from lots of people. Seems to me then you weren't able to take most of that advice.
So I'm guessing you won't take it now but here goes.

Understand the difference between wants and needs.

Everyone wants a cool car and all that when they are younger, but even a few years down the line and you realize money is in effect costing you time (working hours). Time is priceless and irreplaceable. Spend your carefree years having fun not working a ball busting job to pay back loans.

Borrowing money is something I strongly advise you against. Repayments are just a horrible, horrible thing to have hanging around your neck.

In essence borrowing money is handing your balls over to the man and the man ain't in the business of giving them back, once hes got hold of them.

If you have the means to pay for and run a decent car why not?

If you need to loan money I highly advise you not to bother with a car at all.

Any car is going to cost more than you think it will right now. When you get paid small amounts per hour its just not worth it.
Find another way to get to the mountains. Find friends or even people on here who would be happy to give you a ride. I'm sure you could make it work without a car. Its not all its cracked up to be.

You don't need a car you just want one really badly.

If you absolutely will not see reason and must buy a car get something simple.
Preferably something not very "cool", it'll be way cheaper to buy because they are less in demand and a little less likely to have been owned by someone who wants to rag it.

Still I advise against it. Here is one scenario you might not be contemplating, but is a very very real possibility.

Loan money, buy car, trash car or car dies on you.

Only the loan remains and the man has your balls on a plate.
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