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Oh man you guys are funny!

I've worked on a lot of different cars over the years. Owned some cool some weird. Work on a toyota and then tell me about engineering...

- most front calipers are designed so that you remove one bolt and the caliper will swing up out of the way for you to change the pads

- on some of the FWD cars the oil filters are right there facing you when you open the hood, also the alternator and starter can each be changed in about 15 minutes

- most interior panels, seats, etc are held on by a few bolts and a lot of plastic snap pins that just pop in and out with a bit of pressure. Sure I've had a few break over the years but it's nice to be able to take off a door panel with a few screws and then just pull it off

Coolest thing I've seen is my neighbours Volvo S40. The headlight assembly is held in place with two metal pieces that slide down between the back of the light and the body. Pull them up and the light slides out.

Worst thing I've ever seen was on the same car. Their liftgate handle wouldn't work, and I ended up disassembling most of the liftgate from the inside... Not fun! Turns out it was a cable in a push configuration instead of a pull. Not a good idea! Once we got it all apart we were able to put a new termination on the steel cable, but the overall design seemed way overdone.

My favorite car to work on (after a 92-96 Camry) would be my 77 Celica. There's enough room in the engine bay for a V8, but there sits a 2.2L Inline 4. It's carbed, there's very little in the way of electronics, computers, etc.

All you conspiracy theorists are funny. They don't build cars to make you buy more cars or have their techs work on them... They have poor engineering, and need to assemble and sell them as cheap as possible. Toyota just has better overall engineering that some of the other brands mentioned in this thread.
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