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Originally Posted by DrnknZag View Post
^^Too bad Toyota wouldn't put a better motor in the FJ. For the kind of gas mileage it get, it's a pretty gutless motor IMO. I'm definitely a fan of the FJ concept, but without a better motor, I'll pass.
Just get the TRD supercharger... Yeah I wish they would have put the 1UR-FE in but methinks the 1GR is a much cheaper engine to make. The price point on the FJ is low enough that a torquey 4.0L V6 is decent, especially mated to the 6 speed. Unfortunately Toyota hasn't made a manual trans that would mate to their V8s in a LONG time...

I'm still a fan of mating the 1UZ to the W58 with a custom bellhousing. I'm planning on this in my old celica one of these years...
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