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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
backstop and sabatoa - what about evolution? do you believe that humans and chimpanzees both evolved from a common ancestor?

not trying to "shut you guys up" but this is a powerful obsevation:
i'll have to watch the video when i get home, because my work filters youtube (i know i know i need to get my ass to work and not debate religion on a snowboarding website ).

but to answer your question about evolution, I haven't really ever thought about that question, but my initial response would be, Yes. I think it's completely feasible for humans and chimpanzees to take different evolutionary paths if guided by some omnipotent being. As I said, I don't think God just snapped his finger and "poof" Adam showed up. I think evolution was a means to an end. At some point, million years ago, the common ancestor of humans and modern apes diverged. I think it's possible that when those lineages split, some higher power guided one to be human, while one became primate.
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