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Originally Posted by backstop13 View Post
I'm with Sabatoa on this one.

I believe in the Bible and God and Jesus and all that good stuff, but I don't believe everthing in the Bible is to be taken literally. As Joe Rogan accurately points out, many of these stories were passed down verbally for hundreds if not thousands of years before pen was put to paper. There's bound to be some inconsistencies in a story any time verbal communication is used.

I don't believe the earth was created literally in 7 days. Hell, it could have taken 7 billion years for all we know. I believe that God shaped the world through evolution, by basically building the world so that evolution and adaptation could take place naturally. I honestly think teaching creationism in school is dangerous, among many of the other things that the "church" pushes on society.

I don't really fall into any denomination either, because I disagree with church. The idea of everyone cramming into a room to worship God and giving a bunch of money to a tax-free institution so they can buy corporate jets and big McMansions isn't what the Bible is about. I don't wanna get on here and be preachy to everyone, but being a Christian means being "Christ like". That means loving your neighbor despite their: sexual preference, monetary status, color of skin, etc.

My biggest question is, I look around and just how complicated everything in the world is, from the make up of the human body, to the natural ecosystems and the way everything seems to work together, and I can't see how that just coincidentally happened to all work out on it's own. I just can't see how something as complicated as the human body just happened to evolve over all that time to be essentially this super-efficient machine, without some sort of guiding hand. There's so many things left to chance that just perfectly worked out in our favor, that I find it hard to believe that it's all coincidence. I honestly don't know
Always get me how people proudly claim they are religious, then it becomes obvious they basically don't really believe it but just don't have any better explanation for some things.. Educate yourself and free yourself completely!

For starters, evolution by means of natural selection is far from coincidence. Your argument from personal credulity (i just can't believe..) is always a pretty weak one and pretty arrogant also when you think about it. If you understood natural selection, you'd understand that quite the opposite it's actually pretty hard to believe it could have happened any other way. Read The Selfish Gene, it will explain far more eloquently than I can and probably blow your mind. (in a good way )

I most sincerely wish you luck your quest for answers.
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