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I personally can't accept that video as a debunking because Rogan kept interjecting. The video was very one sided, whereas if the archeologist actually had a chance to speak and Rogan successfully dismissed his statements it would have some value to me.

Personal speil: God is there. But you have to listen, and many people will simply dismiss many of God's signs/signals to us. Claiming they can be explained scientifically. But if science cannot explain this, what in all seriousness is the truth? There have been a select few events in my life that have been so profound whereas I can, nor anyone for the matter, find a reasonable and scientific answer.

Rogan acknowledges the possibility of an ancient natural disaster that caused the boat to end up there. I personally believe the bible (as a Jew I also only follow Old Testament) is the precise word of God. Reform Judaism is in correspondance to this belief, there is a reason I left my parents Conservative synagogue.

If the bible was the word of God, we wouldn't find any flaw in it. However there are many mistranslations, imperfections. I don't dismiss it's educational value, ergo it is moreso one of the oldest form of written law in human history (if not the first). Written by some very scholarly and smart people. Human beings are flawed, it is what makes us unique. It creates the opportunity for us to learn at an exponential rate, in constant pursuit of perfection; rather than having said perfection simply handed to us.

If you're an Atheist, I'm happy for your found beliefs. My religion also conveys that people are not to impose their beliefs onto others, we all have a different thought process brought on by our individual perspective consisting of life experience. Alas, if you believe that when you die that nothing will happen; that is exactly what will happen. I think it's faith in something more, something greater, that brings us into the afterlife.

On that note, I also believe that most people aren't in the essence "good." Most of us in all honesty are dishonest. There are more bad than good people in the world, that's a given. We lie, cheat, and deceive each other to take what we want in selfishness. This is a poison caused by capitalism and society, and in a sense I feel that we are born somewhere in the middle, in neutrality. It's a conscious choice whether we decide to be good or bad, to accept or reject God and religion from our lives. However the power of good greatly outweighs evil, the lack of good people is offset by their intentions.

As more people begin to shift into trusting society versus God, multiple things will happen. Popular opinion is the overall decisive factor, and what one person sees as a logical explanation will indeed spread to more people. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing: it creates a "heaven on earth" paradox. We are placed onto this planet for a short period of time, and our actions and how they are perceived by others better our karma, our souls. It's a proven fact, to me at minimum, that simply scaring people into believing religion doesn't work. People need to have a desire to be good.

Other things will happen, and I can go on to explain my belief why capitalism is flawed and will fail in light of socialism. Some day. But until we can have enough good people to create a truly marxist environment, this is off the table. When people learn to be happy in substance, living with enough to be comfortable yet not spoiled by capitalism's cheap thrills, we will reach our intentioned goal. And I fully believe this is someday possible. It's a known fact that we have enough surplus food to end world hunger, the problem is simply distribution and people wanting to make money off it. I really could go on to explain this as far as to write a novel, but I'm sort of exhausted and want a cigarette.

Another cheap thrill, but selling yourself to corporations is fun. Right? But I also roll my own, Phillip Morris has made enough money off me whereas the next time I try to buy a pack of 27's I'm quitting. I posted this to spark a little debate and see other's beliefs, I want to contrast my worldview against yours. That last part is in a sense me confirming my statement, we pay for name brands when our excess income can be better distributed to end poverty and better the world. In a place where we have already cured societies flaws and everyone is happy, we can overcome this barrier/plateau mankind will soon reach in knowledge, diligence, and ambition.

In summary: LSD>DMT

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