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Originally Posted by Sassicaia View Post
where the whole thing falls apart is the convenience of it all. religious devotes wont argue with gravity, speed, temperature, heck even the effects of sedation, but as soon as science proves something that contradicts something in the bible the phrases like "faith", "mistake with using logic" etc etc get thrown around. That simply isn't reasonable to me.

All the power to you guys, but if heaven if full of people who go to church ending up there after I'm dead would be hell to me.

All I ask is that you make a point of standing up and speaking against those who kill in the name of your god, or infect your beliefs on others who dont share yours i.e. abortion, stem cell research, euthanasia etc etc.
Honestly, even Jesus was against religion. Religion is flawed. Its a man made concept. Doesn't mean there aren't higher influences than this physical world. Ever heard of astral projection or out of body experiences? These are concepts that are beyond logical explanation (sort of...CIA taps into this) and are also rejected by CERTAIN religions, mainly by Christian and Islamic religions. But these concepts go beyond our physical limits, even beyond our restricted dimension access. There is much more to reality than physical "know hows"

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