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Originally Posted by gstboy View Post
What kind of lame test is this? Like God said, "I don't think you love me enough, take your son and kill him....April Fools!!!" God or not, who does this? Jim Jones?

Or Job's trials, which are a result of God making a bet with Satan. Or the aforementioned killing of everyone on the planet except Noah and his family. Or in Genesis where they kill off an entire town after first convincing them to circumcise themselves in accordance with god's law. Or, or, or, or, etc.

The bible makes perfect sense as a series of morality tales, and as a reflection of the morals of the time. But it is interesting that at no point in the biblical times does the bible lead society in terms of morality. Even Jesus talked about slavery the way we'd talk about commuting to work. The tale of the Good Samaritan is an incredible exercise in bigotry. Might as well call it "The Smart Nigger" (apologies for use of that word) because it's the same sentiment. In fact our secular society right now holds us to an ethical standard that is far higher than anything the bible ever promoted.

The problem with insisting that the bible be taken literally is that you then force god into the mold of the mean-spirited, psychotic little troll portrayed in the pages thereof. At least if you view the bible as a human attempt to describe the unknowable, you can claim that god was filtered through the sensibilities of the time.

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