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I'm actually slightly astonished at just how ignorant some of the arguments put forward in this thread are. Some well meaning, perhaps, but misguided never the less. Some just down right retarded. I guess the problem is that with religion, ignorance is often held to a virtue of sorts.

Themes that come up time and time again are:
  • Cherry picking so called 'facts' (often wrong or misunderstood) that appear to support their argument and dismissing any proof that doesn't fit.
  • Cherry picking the bits in the bible that are 'good'. (The other bits are clearly not meant to be taken seriously right? How is it that you know rape is not acceptable, even if you marry the victim and pay off the father? (like the bible tells you in Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT)
  • The "I can't believe it could happen like that so it must be God". Well educate yourself instead then rather than broadcasting your ignorance.

The classics come out time and time again. There are probably more but if I re-read the thread I think I'd end up crying.

Hey I don't really care what you believe (provided you don't do me any harm because of your beliefs) it just makes me genuinely sad to see this stuff.

I applaud those who have taken the time to educate themselves and that have the confidence to continually challenge their own beliefs. A trait generally lacking in the religious mind

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