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Originally Posted by davidj View Post
Yup, good one. Necessary but not sufficient, good try though. Could we have both evolved from the same ancestor? Sure. Did we? Weeeeell now... need to have proof that said common ancestor really existed. In my business it's what is known as "two-factor authentication".

Guess which state I was born in?
If only creationists applied the same level of skepticism to their own claims that they do to science claims.

No we can't be absolutely certain that humans and chimps evolved from a common ancestor, despite the mountains of evidence pointing that way; but we're supposed to accept that a magical sky fairy (for whom there's no evidence whatsoever) created the world 6000 years ago (even though there's no evidence pointing to this) and that he loves us (even though if you read the bible objectively he comes across as a total psycho) and that he gave us a set of moral standards to live up to (even though when you actually list said standards they're midieval at best) and we'll all go to heaven (for which there's no evidence).

Hm. Pass.

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