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Originally Posted by tylerkat89 View Post
Calvary why do you take a book that was written by man, that has been RECORDED to have been censored numerous different times under pope command. That has ALSO been a collection of books from OTHER cultures that also give detailed info that are considered blasphemous views. The story of Adam came from the book of Adamu from the ancient Samarian texts. These same samarian texts have detailed information on science, math, and astronomy. They also talk of higher beings of conciousness. The entire old testament isn't even Christian yet here you are quoting as if it represents Christianity. Christianity wasn't considered "established" until lady magdeline had announced Jesus's resurrection. Why then are certain texts being selected? And why do you choose to BELIEVE the bible should be taken LITERAL? I bet you at one point, just like the majority of the population still currently does, believe that Lady Magdeline was a prostitute when in fact she was not. Where is your assurance in that
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