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Originally Posted by CalvaryCougar View Post
I have been finding though that online forum debates dont do much good and generally just turn into a name calling match.
I did not once name call you. Wow, liking to worm your way out of not answering one point I made? What are you talking about. Links? Seriously? I'm not going to sit here and browse the internet to find links to interviews and documentaries. I really don't care enough to try and change one persons faith. Utilize Google. Educate yourself on the book you so fondly follow, not just on what it says or what you have been told. The 4 books of the new testament themselves contradict themselves. They don't even follow up with each other. I need to provide you a link to prove lady magdeline wasn't a prostitute? Then that is arrogance. Like I said. Educate yourself, don't be a mindless sheep led by the wolves.
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