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Originally Posted by CalvaryCougar View Post
And as Christians we are suppose to believe that the complex structure of the human body and the brain that we use in understanding these thing (which we still are currently not 100% sure how it works) came from absolutely nothing? Time space and matter just happened? Even if you believe that some matter is eternal you really believe that the specific and complex code comes from nothing? You believe that as frail as human life is, you want to believe that it happened by chance? A random explosion that created the order of the universe and the complexity of animal and human bodies seems more logical?
First, don't conflate literal creationism with christianity. There are hundreds of millions of xians out there who believe in JC just as fervently as you but don't believe in a 6000 year old Earth. I double damn dare you to declare publicly on this forum that they will go to hell for that. No? Didn't think so. There are fundamentalists who will happily make that declaration, but to really express my opinion of them I'd have to hit up BurtonAvenger for advice.

Second, you propose as an alternative believing in a deity who has always been there. How is that better? It's just a cop-out. "I don't understand it, so goddidit." Speaking of which, it's interesting to note that generally speaking the less people understand about the science involved, the more incredulous they are, and the more they become educated about the subject, the more reasonable it becomes. Shouldn't that indicate to you that the problem isn't with the universe, it's with you?

Third, the thing about the secularist belief is that it is testable and makes predictions. And it passes those tests. Whereas xianity as failed every objective test you could come up with, including the most basic test of actually producing any evidence, anything at all, that a deity of any kind exists.

Lastly, that comment "which we still are currently not 100% sure how it works". Don't go there. That sounds at surface like a good argument for you, but the god of the gaps argument will get you smooshed. It's essentially painting yourself into a corner.

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