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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
If you're like most xians, you've studied the bible using books found in the church, reading books recommended by church members, possibly studied it in classes in private school (if you went to one) and learned about it in bible study, sunday school and listening to the priest/minister/pastor during the sermon. Been there, done that.

Xians learn a very carefully edited version of history. I had never heard of the counsel of Nicea for instance until I started ranging out on my own dime. Most xians don't know that Jesus was one of many wandering holy men who existed at that time who were preaching jewish reformism. John the baptist was another. But there were lots of them (this is recorded history, not speculation). Most xians don't realize that the main points of this reformism came into being because of the takeover of israel by the hellenistic greeks in the second century bc. Most of what you consider xian principles are imported from greece and predate jesus by more than a century (democracy, which I've actually heard xians claim is an invention of xianity, first came into being in athens in 500-540 bc). I could go on and on and on with this stuff, but the point is that I learned none of it through orthodox sources.
Well said.

I'd like to add to that, that if you take a broad look at all of the sources (not just the ones codified into the bible) and this is just my opinion... The message Jesus seemed to have was a lot more concerned with rejecting the notion of an omnipotent God that should be worshipped and taking responsibility for ourselves and each other as humans. Effectively rejecting and somewhat in contrast with religion to a degree. However his message and following was seized and twisted into one that served the church over following years. As i say this is just my opinion.
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