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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Just to expand on this, I criticize those xians who are down on gays because the laws that protect religious freedom are found in the same place as the laws that protect sexual orientation. Xians would scream bloody murder if we tried to trample their freedoms, so they should have the decency to apply the golden rule and treat the gays as they would like to be treated.

Having taken this stance, I am morally obligated to accept it when xians do something that I would accept if a gay group did it. Otherwise I'm a hypocrite.
My beef with some fellow Christians is that they've created this hierarchy of sin where homosexuality is viewed as more sinful than fornication or even gluttony.

There is no hierarchy of sin in the Bible, all sin keeps us from God whether it's me banging my girlfriend before we got married (guilty, a billion times over) or if it's my gay friends banging ass on the weekends.

Like snowie said, my faith is for me and I let God worry about what other people are doing. I disagree with anyone that wants to legislate morality onto the general population. I get in debates with my family all the time about this.
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