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Originally Posted by Slush Puppie View Post
You appear to be an atheist in that case. Not even Dawkins will say there definitely isn't a god because no one can prove there isn't. But with zero evidence for the existence of a god, the possibility is so incredibly unlikely as to be as good as certain.

The argument is: I might tell you there was a teapot circling the sun. And no matter how unlikely that would be to be true, or how many people believe there is or isn't there is absolutely no way anyone could prove there isn't.

Russell's teapot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That is a funny yet true analogy!

Whatever religion is dying off I believe slowly Which is a good thing(I think it separates cultures too much among other reasons) but damn the USA seems to be behind the times a little.. seems like they love them some jesus in the mainstream media at least. It also seems to be used as a controlling tactic to get people on their side in politics and stuff, kinda like brainwashing. EVERYONE think for yourselves, dont let your beliefs be based on a outdated book. If there was a god I think he would have contacted us in some way already...

I would bet in about 100 years or maybe longer religious people will be looked at like crazys.. And Im saying this coming from a christian family(not that my parents are too deep into it)...

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