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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Well from what I can tell, it seems like he was someone we should all try to be more like.
Ah now this raises a very interesting point (or several). And I won't argue with your statement I see I lot of wisdom there too - particularly in the picture painted from the sources from outside the church edited bible. His message seemed (to me) to be help out each other rather than worship god and expect him to take care of everything.

I don't need you to answer these but I'd like everyone to consider them in their own mind.
  • Does that mean it's a requirement to believe in god to recognise and follow the good examples you see?
  • Do the examples you see as being good in anyway mean there must be a god or the wisdom must have come from that god?
  • What makes you know that the examples you see in Jesus are good and worth emulating? (Is it because the bible told you, or is it because you already have a built in sense of right and wrong and that allows you to recognise what you do and don't agree with?)
  • If you didn't know about jesus, do you think your morals would be vastly different?
  • Who are the other people you respect and emulate. Do you do so because a book or an organisation told you to?
  • For all the good examples you see are there parts of the bible where you think the supposed word of god is actually a bit flaky and he could have easily given much better advice?

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