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Originally Posted by StrattonRider View Post
The rear entry system looks fast but i bet i will get in my bindings faster.
Id bet boards straight up if you win you take my gear, if I win I take your gear. This is just an un- true statement.

To the OP'er I would stay away from the Gnu. Also I wouldn't purchase any model under a Flow Five.

Once you set them there is rarely a time the entire day that I need to adjust a ratchet. My NXT AT have a gross adjustment and then when you lock the ratchet in place you are able to give it a little extra 1/2 click or lock it right where you have it. I have never had them loosen.

There is a good chance you can find some of the $300 sets for $150 on some of the big sites. That is how I could afford mine 2 years ago.
Like any hardware always inspect your gear before you ride. I have only once and yes it did startle me and could have ended my day, found a screw that needed tightening badly. Again that was once in 2 yrs riding them.

They are not for everyone and as with any gear there are lovers (me) and haters. Just try to make a good informed decision that works for your body type, style of riding, and conditions you ride in.

Hope this helped
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