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Default Proto VS SL - the NS company email reply

Hello all. I emailed NS regarding some specific questions I had about the SL and Proto. I started a thread about it initially and put this email in the thread but I though the email had good info in it and some might not read the reply in the thread so I figured the info was worthy of it's own thread since there are like 5 active threads about the Proto and SL (why not make a 6th? lol)

anyhow I'm just sharing info. They replied in less than an hour =Very nice.


Hello! I have a few questions that I was unable to locate answers for online.The Proto: Is it a TRUE TWIN? It states it is on the website but some of the reviews I read state that it is Directional twin with regards to flex pattern.

The SL - (a) Are the shape and sidecut twin? (b) what about flex pattern? I have read that if you shift the bindings forward the SL is essentially true twin, however if the sidecut is NOT true twin, it would not become a true twin if I slid the binding forward to a cantered stance.

Im getting one or the other for sure - cant make up my mind :-)

thank you!


Hi Marc,

The Proto CT is a true twin in every way, sidecuts, flex patterns, and binding stance. The SL is a directional twin, so it has symmetrical sidecuts and flex patterns with the binding stance slightly set back. If you move the bindings forward, you will get a ride like that of a true twin. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the support of NS!
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