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Originally Posted by HoboMaster View Post
Very few people in this country seem to care what the future is going to be like as long as they can have their 3,500 sq ft. houses in the desert full of shit they don't use, don't need, and will eventually throw away.
But that goes right to the very core of human/animal nature. If you believe maslows heirarchy of needs (where the bottom of the pyramid is what you must achieve before moving up to the next step) then immediate needs/gratification FAR outweigh planning for the future in the minds of human beings.

This is what I've come to believe: Other than voting for whoever I think will serve my needs the best, I have very limited control of the outside world. So I put most of my energy into controlling my own finances, and if/when the economy here goes for a header I may go to the next booming location. Is that selfish? Absolutely! But you have to ensure self survival before you can help anybody else...
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