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Originally Posted by KIRKRIDER View Post

GO watch 11 years of documentary and books on 911, Call me when your'e done.
Never trust the "Official excuses" for war. Historically they are always false.
What terrorist group exactly? The SAUDIS that were allegedly flying those planes? Hmmm why they didn't bomb Saudi Arabia again?
Blah there's already too many 9/11 documentaries on TV. I'm not talking about the governments excuse, I'm talking about public opinion. Your government is democratic and they are supposed to make decisions based on public opinion are they not? If public opinion strongly opposed the "War on Terror" in the first place, would bush have done it?

Now looking at historical wars... Do we need to look at who struck first as the person starting it? Because WWII was (primarily) started by the Germans. Sure there is a history behind that dating to well before WWI but the initial aggressors of the main war were the Germans. Yes Russia invaded Finland in 1939, and there was a civil war in Spain (which Hitler supported) among other things. But Hitler was the aggressor. Should we not have fought back?

Okay so the war on terror. This may seem like more of a grey area, but I think the basic premise is that some religious extremist groups don't take too kindly to the fact that the US supports Israel. So they conduct terror activities like hijacking planes and flying them into civilian buildings killing innocent people. I'm aware this goes back a lot farther than that, back to the cold war with the US supporting Iraq vs. the USSR, etc. etc. but the basic premise is there. NATO fights their troops, and they come and bomb our civilians. What is the right thing to do?
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