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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
So what are you going to do about it? Since the sentiment seems to be "all the politicians are corrupt so don't vote for any of them" are we saying that democracy has failed?

And if so, what is the next option?

I believe that democracy hasn't failed yet. Where there is corruption is needs to be weeded out, the system needs to be designed in a way not to support corruption (think about getting rid of campaign donations, lobbying, and make public salaries relatively low compared to equivalent private positions). Our Mr. Prime Minister makes $317k a year. The VP of the company I work for makes in excess of that, and he only has to control a company with 1000 people in it. The POTUS makes $400k a year. So I'm not sure if the top job needs a pay cut, but senators/members of parliament, etc. be making in the range of $200k a year?

Are we as the taxpaying public getting the most out of our elected (and paid) officials?

Again: here on this forum we can argue back and forth ad nauseam, and we may even sway a few voters, but at the end of the day unless we are putting effort into actively improving the system, we are just wasting our breath. I may be naive but I'm not stupid!

US is not a "democracy" how can it be with 2 parties? We have representative democracy in get the 10% of the votes? You get the 10% of the seats. That keeps mega parties in control.

I'm not talking about 2, 300K per year. I am talking about TRILLIONS shored in the cayman islands because they are allowed to do so, bankrupting this country
I am talking about economic terrorism toward 3rd world countries, I am talking about monopoly ( Communication, seeds, ) subsidies for oil and corn...and of course weapon production...big Pharma, and on..and on...Those are the powers...not the guy with a 2 million dollar house.

It's pretty desperate! But it got this bad in the last 10 years...right? Was it better before? Or it looked better from outside? ( Europe)

What can I do? Keep voting for example.

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